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Under the hood, BlitzDB is not just a database engine but more a database wrapper like SQLAlchemy. Since it provides its own file-based backend, it can be used as a standalone solution though. In some cases it might be useful to use it with a third-party backend such as MongoDB though, e.g. if you need more “horse power” or want the additional query efficiency that real databases usually offer.

Currently, Blitz comes with two preinstalled backends:

  • Native Backend The native backend, which we sometimes refer to as the file-based backend uses a file-based index and flat files to store objects in a local directory. It has not any external dependencies and is usually sufficent for most low- to mid-end applications.
  • MongoDB Backend The MongoDB backend uses PyMongo to store and retrieve documents from a MongoDB database. It can be used in high-end applications, where use of a professional database engine is advocated.